Versatile Jewellery that she can mix and match to create her own style

Above trendiness or fashion led jewellery, versatility is the key to great design. That’s not to say a modern necklace can’t become an heirloom piece of jewellery in the future.

The most important thing is that you absolutely love it, its easy to wear and looks the part. But it does help if that special necklace is versatile. So it can help you create different looks, or can be mixed, matched or layered with your other favourite pieces of jewellery.

Lets talk about versatile. This is my starting point when I recently wanted to get creative and design some new necklaces. I was thinking of brides who had had their wedding plans curtailed. They may be having a small wedding now and a big party next year, so they would want jewellery to complement both looks. Or women who were constantly on zoom calls and wanted a different look to help them feel good. You may think this is trivial but sometimes its the little things that help us feel good.

Lariats are the ultimate versatile necklaces but I wanted to tell you about my new delicate layered Lyra necklace 1st. It has 2 strands of either sterlng silver or gold plated chain. The shorter one is a simple chain with a few white pearls, moonstone gemstones or crystals hanging from the chain. The second longer length chain has a co ordinating ornate tassle hanging from its centre point.

The clever part, at least I think it is, is that you can wear both strands of the necklace at the front. Or you can flip the longer one over your head to create a simple delicate choker with a dramatic back drop necklace.

Onto lariat necklaces. These are necklaces made from one continuous length of chain or leather, with no clasp. Wear them at the front, at the back, wrap it round twice to have as a layered choker and y necklace. If I’ m not making sense the images below can show it much better than I can explain it!

Simple chokers, pendants and lockets can be mixed, matched and layered to create your own individual style. You can also wear individually for a more simple look. 3 necklaces can create 9 different looks. More if you add to remove the charms or birthstone from the chain. Just don’t forget to remember where you put them when you aren’t wearing them.

Start with a simple single pearl keimau necklace, then maybe add a zodiac necklace and finish with a locket necklace on a longer chain.

My wish upon a star necklace can be worn as 3 different lenths as it has an adjustable fastening.

On a final note my new statement Lyra hoop earrings have a dramatic pearl, gemstone or crystal tassel. They can be worn as shown or the tassels can be removed from the hoops. that means you can have a simple pair of hoop earrings. A dramatic look at me earrings. Or wear one simple hoop and one earring with the dramatic pearl cluster.

If you would like to see some more suggestions for versatile jewellery for a woman then do have a look at Bish Bosh Becca for inspiration. Either as a treat for you or a gift for another lucky lady.

But most of all, have fun creating your own unique style

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