Sunflower Wedding Shoot, Ideas for a fun, unique wedding that isn’t at all boring!

So you’re engaged – congratulations!

But does panic then set in? You’re planning a wedding……

Scared, excited, not sure where to start, looking for inspiration for your perfect wedding theme?

Why not start with your favourite flowers? If they happen to be sunflowers, then I have some ideas to help you create your perfect wedding.

Well your wedding flowers are easy, but did you know that you can also find the perfect wedding stationery, cupcakes and bridal favours ( how about lollipops? to give your guests a sugar rush to get them up on the dance floor?)

A simple wedding theme that can help you create your perfect wedding. Whether you are planning an intimate simple affair or something more formal. Sunflowers can help you inject some fun and colour into your day.

The perfect dress will make you feel like a million dollars. This beautiful lace creation by Quinlan Couture Bridal looks fabulous from the front and the back. This is important for the 1st part of your wedding your quests will mostly see your back.

If you are having big, dramatic sunflowers, why not choose some fine delicate pearl wedding jewellery, which compliments your dress and doesn’t over power. This pearl lariat necklace also has matching drop wedding earrings.

Then choose some unique pearl wedding accessories to finish off your wedding hair. Bish Bosh Becca makes matching hair pins, comb and hair vines in 2 lengths. We used 3 pins and 2 short hair vines for this wedding shoot

You can find all the pearl wedding jewellery and hair accessories at Bish Bosh Becca

You will find all the wonderful suppliers from this shoot below. I would recommend every single one of them to be trusted to create your own perfect wedding day.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas for your wedding day.


Dress & Planning:

Hair: @amy_scissor_sisters_dronfield

Makeup/Model: @chloe.scissorsister_

Cupcakes: @botanicalcupcakes


Headpieces & Necklace:


Venue: @eastfieldfarmpyo

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