Summer jewellery trends 2023 to inspire

At Bish Bosh Becca we have been looking at the jewellery trends for Summer 2023. I rather think we have got a lot of the bases covered.

From timeless investment pieces to playful statement styles. These Summer Jewellery Trends are all about making shopping for jewellery fun again, and to ensure you shine bright in 2023.

The warmer weather calls for swapping out your heavy chain links  ( heavy hot metal against your skin, we don’t think so) for a delicate, barely there necklace. The term that seems to be popular is naked jewellery. Maybe swap your everyday chunky hoops for a more playful floral motif earring.

In fact, 2023’s summer jewellery trends are obviously expecting long warm sunny days where everyone has peeled off their layers and wants to wear more vibrant colours.

Indeed, pieces that highlight the collarbone or candy coloured bracelets are looking to be very popular now the sun has made an appearance.

Also delighted to note that pearls aren’t going anywhere (thank you Harry Styles). There’s never been more ways to wear pearls. The modern organic shapes are just beautiful, biwa and keshi shapes are very popular.

We’re also very pleased to note sterling silver is making its presence felt again. Whilst all previous metals have rocketed in price, sterling silver does remain the most affordable and long wearing. However mixed metals are also making a come back, so you don’t have to feel tied to one metal.

Many of our customers today have more than just a single set of piercings. We love seeing the way you layer on multi-hoops on each ear.

From dramatic pendants to sleek chokers, a necklace’s length can completely alter your look. Summer is the season to show a bit of skin, so maybe think about necklaces that highlight your collarbone

Personalised jewellery are one of our most popular trends. Maybe due to the pandemic there is more nostalgia and a need to give and receive a real keepsake piece of jewellery.

Of course these are only trends. You are no way obliged to follow them. Maybe they have given you some ideas and inspiration if you feel in need of a lift

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