About Bish Bosh Becca

LogoBish Bosh Becca is named in honour of my daughter, who is now in her teens. When she was much younger she seemed incapable of moving anywhere without falling over, so was nicknamed – Bish Bosh Becca.

I design and make all my jewellery. Therefore I can also offer a bespoke service. If you like what you see but would prefer it in a different colour or shorter or longer just contact me. I am sure I can create the perfect piece for you. I want you to be truly delighted with anything you buy from me.

All items will be sent to you beautifully gift wrapped free of charge in a matt black gift box tied with satin ribbon. A gift card is enclosed with every order. The childrens range will be sent in amethyst coloured boxes.

About our jewellery

Bish Bosh Becca use exceptionally high quality solid silver and semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls in our designs. The crochet cuffs are made using very high quality tarnish resistant silver or gold plated copper wire

We work with both 92.5% sterling silver and fine silver 99.9%, which is made by the Karen Hill Tribe Artisans of Northern Thailand. We purchase the Karen Hill Tribe silver directly from a co operative of artisans in order to ensure they get the best price for their work. Each artisan makes one specific design and hands these designs down through the generations. As each piece is handmade it will be unique to you.

Please be aware that there may be natural variations in the colour or size of semi-precious stones, and due to the Karen HIll Tribe Silver components we use being handmade they can vary very slightly.

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