Great Jewellery Ideas for her March Birthday Gift.

That may sound a bit boastful, apologies if it does. We do have rather a good selection of jewellery with aquamarines so hopefully you will find some great gifts

Lets start with Zodiac jewellery. For most of March it will fall under Pisces, but towards the end it moves to Aries. Don’t get caught out and just ask if you aren’t sure.

We have some delicate charm necklaces in silver, rose gold or gold vermeil. You can add an aquamarine or just have the charms. There are so many variations hopefully you will find the perfect necklace

Then there is the personalised birthstone range. These have a main pendant, such as a star, open heart, tree of life or 4 leaf clover. It comes with a March birthstone and an initial charm. But you can always add further letter and birthstone charms. Perhaps you would like to give her a family tree necklace with all the familys birthstones one. Any option you would like we can do

Bracelets can be a bit tricky to give as gifts. Women tend to be either a bracelet person or not. If you know here well and have seen her wear bracelets then you will be ok

Just recently lockets have been the most popular of out birthstone range. Luckily there are quite a few to choose from. There are modern teardrops, hearts in 3 sizes and finishes, a decorative celtic heart and the classic silver circle locket.

You don’t have to go for a gemstone birthstone, there are swarovski crystals in aquamarine as well. If you like any piece of jewellery on Bish Bosh Becca that has a Swarovski crystal, we can change it for an aquamarine coloured one.

You probably don’t need to buy any Christening or Baptism gifts for a little girl born in March. For the sake of completeness I did want to mention them.

These are not only suitable for Christening or Baptism gifts, they will make a lovely present for a little girl for her March birthday, or indeed any woman who prefers smaller delicate jewellery

Good luck finding that perfect gift

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