What is a lariat necklace? And how to wear a lariat.

If you haven’t heard of a lariat, or you have heard it and are not quite sure what it is or how to wear a lariat necklace. Then read on

Lariat literally means a rope in the form of a lasso. I agree, that’s not exactly selling this beautiful type of necklace!

However I can tell you that It’s one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can own.

Lets start with what is a lariat. It’s a necklace that is one continuous length of chain, leather, ribbon in fact any stringing material. The important fact is that it has no clasp. A lariat usually has two decorative ends at each end of the chain. Bish Bosh Becca includes a centre pearl or bead so you can also wear a lariat like a choker necklace.

how to wear a versatile chain and pearl lariat necklace by Bish Bosh Becca

A lariat necklace is usually fully adjustable as you can do it up anywhere along it’s length. Some are so long to can wrap it twice round your neck and still have enough length for it to look like a layered necklace set.

It ties in half a knot wherever you want it to.

You can wear it so it looks like a choker from the front with a back drop. Or wear it with the ends at the front so it looks like a y necklace.

Another way is to wrap it round your neck and let the ends hang loose.

how to wear an adjustable lariat necklace by Bish Bosh Becca

There are many other ways so just play with it until you get the look you want.

See what I mean when I say versatile?

how to tie and do up a lariat necklace by Bish Bosh Becca

Imagine you are a bride seeking 2 looks for her wedding day? She can wear a lariat as a back drop necklace, with her deep v back wedding dress. And then turn it round for a y shape necklace for her 2nd bridal look.

But you don’t have to be a bride to want different looks!

If this sounds all too complicated have a look at this video. This shows you how to tie a lariat. It does it far more eloquently than my words.

Vermeil? Gold? Gold Plated? Confused?

These terms can be very confusing and can give the impression that a piece of jewellery is something it is not.

So lets start with gold or rose gold. This is solid precious metal that has been hallmarked by the Assay office to show that it fulfils the criteria for 9k, 18k etc. The k refers to Karat and is the purity of the gold. 24k is the purist but also the softest gold. So its not advsiable to have a ring or favourite peice of jewellery made from 24k gold as it will not last as long as the lower karats

Then the next quality is vermeil . Gold or rose gold vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY) is genuine .925 sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of 14k-24k gold. ⁣It will probably be hallmarked or stamped with .925, but this is the hallmark for silver and not gold

⁣Gold or rose gold Vermeil is the perfect option for those with metal allergies due to the durable thickness of the gold combined with the base of sterling silver. ⁣
Gold vermeil is an “insider’s secret” of discerning jewellery buyers as precious metals (silver and gold) are used, but allows for more affordable jewellery than solid gold. A win win situation

Finally we come to gold plated. I know this can be viewed as a lesser product, but it really does have its place. For example my crochet cuffs are gold or silver plate on copper, as copper is a really soft metal this makes the cuffs really soft to wear as they can mould to your arm shape. Whereas some of my earring bases and seashell charms are gold plated brass, as brass is a hard metal, it means these earrings fittings and charms will not bend out of shape.

Any base metal can be plated with silver, gold or rose gold plated. It is slightly confusing as you may see the term gold- filled. This is just a superior gold plating that is thicker than the normal gold plating. As I say above the base metal depends on what you are going to use it.

Should you ever see any of these terms and you are not sure. Then just ask whoever is selling the item.

At the bottom of each description, whether it be a locket, necklace or bracelet, on Bish Bosh Becca, you will see a clear description of what is is made from. In some instances it may be both gold vermeil and gold plated. Whilst we prefer to use vermeil, it is not always available, so we have to make so with gold or rose gold plated.