Beautiful August Birthstone Jewellery Gifts

bish bosh becca standard gift wrap for August and Leo birthstone jewellery gifts

Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. But what do you know about this stunning bright green gemstone?

Well peridot is a gorgeous bright green gemstone that only ever comes in green, which makes it unusual in the gemstone world. It is the transparent gem variety of olivine. which means olivine is the lesser quality stone and peridot the best. The finest peridot gemstones are a vibrant grass green.

pearl bracelet personalised with her initial charm and a peridot coloured swarovski crystal

Peridot gemstones are sometimes described like the changing leaves from summer to autumn, with shades of yellowish-green through to brown tones that evoke the passage of time.

Peridot contains very fine traces of iron which is what contributes to the hints of gold in the gemstone. The intensity of the colour is dependant on the amount of iron present and the stone itself while not particularly hard, is strong enough to stand up to you regular wearing it. But it does needs special care and attention. If you are wearing a peridot necklace, bracelet or peridot earrings for a special occasion, just remember to spray your favourite perfume or hair spray first.

August birthstone open star charm necklace in sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil with her inityial charm

Peridot gemstones are a gemstone of optimism and are said to bestow happiness and confidence, which is why they have been gifted between loved ones for generations. It is also thought to calm feelings of anger and help its wearer to overcome fear. For this reason, peridot has long been the choice of gem lovers who want to share happiness, confidence and contentment with the special people in their lives.

To truly express a unique love or special relationship, there is something magical about peridot. Its fiery origins and fascinating history make this gemstone a green talisman of positivity.

This green gemstone has a wonderfully eccentric and romantic history. Peridot is a very old gemstone originally used by Egyptians and while it dates back to over 200 years B.C. but it is still popular today.

Delve deeper into the story of peridot though, and you will find its link to diamonds. Both peridot and diamonds are formed in the molten rock of the earth’s upper mantle and are brought to the surface by fiery volcanic eruptions or intense earthquakes. Today, they are often found like rocky, luscious grass in ancient lava beds. Peridot crystals have also been found within meteorites that have crashed to earth, though these forms of Peridot are too rare and usually too small to be used as gemstones.

cletic heart locket in sterling silver rose gold or gold vermeil personalised with her August birthstone and letter charm

Peridots were first found in the Red Sea, off the coast of Egypt. According to legend, the Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra admired the rich green hue of peridot gemstones and would often wear them alongside her famous emeralds. In fact some think her emeralds were actually peridots.

Peridot jewellery is the traditional 16th wedding anniversary gift. As peridot is said to relieve feelings of jealousy and encourage forgiveness, it is a beautifully symbolic gift for couples. For friendships, a peridot necklace or peridot stud earrings are like the gift of confidence, self-worth and abundance in all things, whether that’s love, work or travel.

Well I think thats it for peridot. If you would like to see videos showing Bish Bosh Becca’s August birthstone jewellery, these can be found on Youtube

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