Something Blue Wedding Traditions and 11 ways to include them in your big day

The English custom of brides wearing “something blue” on their wedding day dates back to the 1890s. I’m sure every bride has heard the rhyme: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” If you haven’t, someone will mention it to you as soon as you start talking weddings.

But do you know what it means and represents?

Something old represents continuity, something new offers optimism for the future, something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness, something blue stands for purity, love and fidelity. All of which adds up to bringing luck to the couple of their big day

Have you heard the old saying ‘marry in blue, lover be true’? Don’t ask me where this one came from. But blue also protects against the evil eye, keeping the bride safe from harm on her wedding day. So if you want to cover all good luck bases I think its safe to say that blue, in it’s many shades will do that for any bride.

All these years later, there’s no denying that incorporating a splash of blue is not only a meaningful custom but, with the latest biggest wedding trend showing a shift toward fresh, fun, laid-back celebrations, it’s only fitting that this time-honored custom should follow suit. Because sometimes traditions are good but only if they move with the times.

For contemporary couples, it can be a starting point to getting creative and bringing a uniquely personal touch to their wedding. So think a vintage camper van, a custom leather jacket for the bride or a cool blue cake. The possibilities are endless.

Here are 11 contemporary ways to think beyond the traditional lacy blue garter. These ideas come from a Something Blue wedding photo shoot that I was delighted to take part of. They are a fun way to incorporate Something Blue into your wedding day.

Lets start with wedding stationery. Just choose your favourite shade of blue. Take this through to exchanging your vows. How chic would they look handwritten on blue vellum? Carry on this theme for your table seating plan and menus at your reception. Grace and Bramble created the beautiful shades of blue stationery for our shoot

Then there is the flowers. Bluebells are gorgeous for a spring wedding – the delicate flowers are said to symbolise everlasting love and have a wonderfully evocative subtle scent. Echinops and delphiniums add an edge to a wedding bouquet and blue hydrangea give instant impact. Cornflowers make a perfect posy or buttonhole. However what do you do if your favourite blue flower is out of season? Step up Hannah from Unfauxgettable Flowers. She also was responsible for organising this wonderful shoot.

A soft powder or sky blue is feminine, romantic, and as bridal as ivory. I think Amber from Quinlan Bridal Couture absolutely nailed it with her wonderful jumpsuit. There was also an overskirt for the formal ceremony. This women is genius.

Prefer to keep it chic? Add a beautifully subtle monogram into your veil, or have a small blue flower embroidered onto it.

A pale blue wedding colour scheme usually looks stunning. However I am biased as this is what I did for my bridesmaids (many years ago). Your bridesmaids and flowergirls outfits can be whatever shade of blue you love. Making them your Something Blue.

You could easily use the hint of royal or navy blue throughout your day by simply adding a blue table runner or beautiful blue glasses to your wedding reception. These are a simple way to incorporate blue.

Then of course there is your wedding cake or edible wedding favours such as cake pops, or macaron. There are endless ways to include every shade of blue into your wedding. From icy blue for a winter wedding to delicate pastel blue iced biscuits for an afternoon tea. Cerulean or cobalt blue cake pops will create instant impact. Iced Innovations Cake Studio did us proud

You can always get your future husband to wear the Something Blue for you.

Not forgetting jewellery, which is where Bish Bosh Becca comes in. The jewellery we used in this shoot is from the Something Blue range ( seemed apt given the theme of the shoot).

However it is also possible to create your perfect something blue by adding a blue pearl or crystal in to so many of our designs. Because all you have to do is ask.

So if you need further ideas for your Something Blue wedding jewellery head over to Bish Bosh Becca.

Of course, blue accessories don’t have to be seen for you to know they’re there. Maybe opt for electric blue lingerie. Or just add some statement blue shoes for your journey down the aisle!

No matter how you incorporate Something Blue into your wedding day just make sure you make it truly yours.

These wonderful creatives worked together to create this beautiful wedding shoot.