December Birthstones Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her

standard gift wrap for december birthstone jewellery

Lets start with the December birthstones that The National Association of Goldsmiths of Britain defined in their list in 1937. Namely Tanzanite or Turquoise.

Not happy with these for your birthstone for December? Well you don’t have to be limited to just these two as you can explore these alternative birthstones. You can find other birthstones associated with astrological signs, angels, the hour or day of your birth, and more. You just have to think creatively!

For example the Guardian Angels birthstone for December is Beryl ( emerald forms part of this group of gemstones).

Then there are the traditional December birthstones, which are Bloodstone, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli or Chrysoprase.

The modern December birthstones are Turquoise, Zircon or Tanzanite.

I think you get the picture.

Lets start with Turquoise, as this is the gemstone I predominately offer for December birthstone jewellery. Different cultures have long considered this gorgeous gemstone to be talisman for luck and protection. From burial rituals in ancient times to the deep history of turquoise in Native American cultures, there is much to discover about this gemstone.

A word of warning, not everything labelled turquoise is genuine turquoise. You may find that it is Howlite, which is a white gemstone, that can be dyed to look like turquoise. This isn’t a bad thing, as long as you know what you are buying. However turquoise howlite is more stable than turquoise, which is why I have used it in my new gemstone necklaces. BUT I do properly describe it as turquoise howlite.

I do have some Tanzanite as I think the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It is an exquisite blue-purple that you can only find it in one part of the world. Named for its limited geographic origin in Tanzania, it is a relatively recent discovery. I think it is about time I create something using the few strands that I have. You could go for a swarovski crystal called tanzanite if you wish to replace turquoise for Tanzanite.

Zircon is an inderrated gemstone as it is often confused with synthetic cubic zirconia. Probably as it has a similar name. but they are 2 very different beasts. Therefore few people realize that zircon is a spectacular natural gemstone available in a variety of colours. Although I very rarely use zircon, I do use it in my crystal pendant. It has a pearl, moonstone and zircon in the cluster.

If you would like to see my jewellery in more detail, there are videos of all the different birthstone options in Youtube. That way you can get to see each item properly before you buy.

Best Jewellery Gifts for Little Girls

If you are seeking inspiration on what to get your little princess, maybe we can help you find the best jewellery gifts for little girls

We have lots of unique jewellery that we hope will delight her. Whether is be for Christmas, her birthday, Christening or maybe a thank you for being your flower girls.

Every child is different, so if you are looking for the best jewellery gift for your little girls. We nned to start with what kind of jewellery do kids like. Maybe she has a favourite colour, or you are looking for a gift that she can wear when shes older.

Here are some suggestions for her Christmas pressie.

best childrens star jewellery perfect for their christmas gifts

Nothing beats a dainty star necklace for Christmas! Or maybe a little sterling silver fairy charm necklace that is personalised with her initial. If you think she would like our girls pearl bracelet then you have the option of adding a star charm or her initial to the bracelet.

best jewellery gifts for a little girls christening or Baptism

Christening jewellery gifts need to be adjustable so she can wear them when she’s older. We have a couple of pearl bracelets that make beautiful thoughtful gifts. One has her birthstone and the other you can choose a swarovski crystal. Both have a sterling silver charm that can have her initial hand stamped onto and an extension chain. So she can wear it when she gets older. If its for her christening or baptism you may like to add a silver cross charm.

unique jewellery gifts for a childs birthday

For her birthday, why don’t you treat her to a personalised necklace, with her birthstone or favourite colour swarovski crystal. If she’s a girly girl then we have dainty sterling silver butterfly charm necklace with pearls and crystals. You don’t have to choose the standard colours as we can create a bespoke version with her favourite colours.

thank you jewellery gifts for your flower girls

To say thank you for being your flower girls. We have dainty sterling silver heart necklaces that we can match the pearls and crystals to your wedding colour scheme. We also make make our popular pearl pendants in childrens sizes. So your bridesmaids and flower girls can wear the same jewellery.

best jewellery gifts for a little girl - a swarovski crystal bracelet that you can personalise with a charm

We also have our Mama et Moi range, so she can just be just like Mummy. These are matching necklaces or bracelets in different sizes. One for Mum and one for Daughter. Or maybe your bridesmaids and flower girls.

Mummy and daughter jewellery gifts

We send all our orders out with standard gift wrap free of charge. We also know how difficult it can be when buying onlineworking out what something looks like. So we have videos for all our products, its just taking a bit of time to load these up on the website. There are all on YouTube should you wish to see them.

So I hope this has given you some ideas and you will find the best jewellery gifts for little girls. Remember all Bish Bosh Becca’s jewellery is handmade in Cornwall. This means that if something isn’t quite right for your princess we can work with you to create the perfect gift.

with love from Sarah-Jane at Bish Bosh Becca

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2023

The autumn equinox has just happened. So I guess that means summer is over and we have the mellow shades of autumn to look forward to. 

indian agate necklae personalised with your initial charm in gold vermeil

Are you ready for autumn? The weather has definitely changed, the temperature is dropping but we are still having to dodge the rain showers that dominated the Summer. Outside the trees are starting to change from lush greens to warm golds, ochre, russet, reds and browns. Therfore my thoughts have turned to this seasonal change. In particular some beautiful gemstone jewellery, or maybe some pearls, to complement those warm autumn tones. 

orange crackle agate and sterling silver necklaces and braclets jewellery trends for autumn 2023

Warmer colours along with layering jewellery over clothing will always work well in autumn. Hence you can look for longer necklaces to wear over higher necklines 

You’ll also find hoop earrings and dangle earrings can be a great friend during the colder months of the year. As you can keep the rest of you all snuggly and warm up while making your earrings the stars of the show.

gold plated hoop earrings with gemstone dangle jewellery trends for autumn 2023

There are few delights quite like the sensation of large earrings moving in unison with your facial expressions and movement. In that sense, earrings can at times feel like the most personal of accessories. If eyes are the windows to our souls, then earrings are like the curtains putting your personality on display. Enabling you to have your own ta da moment.

Lets move onto bracelets. Throughout history, arm cuffs have represented empowerment, social class, and protection. In 2023, though, they can sometimes run the risk of looking too much like part of a gladiator costume.

statement cuff bracelets with pearls and gemstones

A singular cuff also packs a punch, and eliminates the need to layer up for an entire heap of bracelets that will somehow manage to get tangled before bed. No worries, thick cuffs still feel like an arm party—just a bit more edited and sleek than a stack.

orange and green gemstone necklaces on silver or gold plated chain

Autmun jewellery for 2023 sees jewelry spread across the style spectrum, with some falling securely in the minimal zone and others smack back on the maximalist end. Hair-thin hoop earrings and timeless pearl jewellery . There’s a lack of aesthetic coherence, but there’s an inherent bonus that comes with all this variation: you can just go with your style and fancy to pick and choose which pieces of the season’s varied assortment serves you and your style best.

deep red garnet and sterling silver necklaces and bracelets to layer

Pearl necklaces are a tale as old as time—and for a good reason. They light up your face and give you a wonderful glow. Plus the milky gemstone is a smart investment buy that will only get more and more striking with every wear. Pearls love to be worn and grow more luminous with wear.

modern keshi pearl jewellery

Gemstones are obvious choices for autumn jewels. There are so many beautiful gemstones that reflect the autumn shades, they are the obvious choice to welcome in the mellow months of autumn. Think of the birnt organde shades of carnelian and agate, the deep red of garnet and the lush brown of smokey quartz.

gemstone choker necklaces in autumn shades, jewellery trends for autumn 2023

Check out our autumnal jewellery selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces but also take inspiration from our modern pearl jewellery

Isn’t it great to have an excuse to treat yourself to some sparkly things? You’re welcome 🙂

Find your perfect good luck talisman charm jewellery

There are many different talismans that are said to bring good fortune to the wearer. But the most important is that whoever you are giving it to, will know you are thinking of them wherever they are.

good luck jewellery with a 4 leaf clover charm

If your baby girl is just about to head into the big wide world you may want to give her a piece of good luck jewellery to show you are always thinking of her. So whether she is heading to uni, going travelling or just about to try something out of her comfort zone. Have a look at these lucky charms

I think the most obvious good luck talisman is the 4 leaf clover. I did actually find one as a child, but forget where it went as it was a long time ago! The 4 leaves are said to symbolise Luck, hope, good fortune, peace, serenity, fame, conjuration. The origin of its legend dates back to Antiquity for some (and even well before that for others) but everyone agrees on one point: its rarity makes the one who finds it lucky! Do you know there is a 1 in 10 chance of finding one. Not sure how that figure was reached but there you go!

Your chances are obviously a lot greater if you are looking for a precious metal one.

good luck jewellery from Bish Bosh Becca with a sterling silver horseshoe charm

According to legend, hanging a Horseshoe above your front door would bring good luck and protection against evil spirits. A simple technique that will only require 4 things: a hammer, a nail, a farrier and obviously a horseshoe. Far easier to look at Bish Bosh Becca as we have a charm that can be added to one of our necklaces or bracelets without the need to punch holes in the wall. Its also a lot more lightweight so will travel more easily.

good luck jewellery gifts for her with a sterling silver feather charm

Feathers are considered a good luck charm and finding them is considered to be linked to the spiritual world. You may know the expression “feathers appear when angels are near”, the feather is known as a symbol of keeping you safe and empowering you on your current journey.

Many believe that butterflies are an omen of good luck, a symbol of protection and freedom. A sign of new beginnings. Adding a butterfly charm to your jewellery is a great way to open yourself up to change, opportunities and transformation.

good luck jewellery gifts for little girls with a sterling silver butterfly

The use of precious and semi-precious as lucky charms dates back to the dawn of time. From Eastern culture to Western culture, many civilizations around the world have used stones to repel negative waves.

Some types of good fortune gemstones include peridot, amethyst, sapphire, citrine, moonstone and garnet. The benefits of stones are many. All you have to do is find the one that will bring you happiness. It is said that it’s always the stone that chooses its wearer. So open your chakras and let your soul vibrate. Or maybe just choose the one you like the best.

good luck jewellery with gemstones with meaning, choose garnet, amethyst, moonstone, citrine and peridot

A rabbits foot is also said to bring good luck, unless you are a rabbit of course. But lets not go there!

If you want any help creating the perfect good luck jewellery all you have to do is ask

Ruby Ruby Ruby – July Birthstone Jewellery for Women and Girls


modern lockets in sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil personalised with an initial charm and ruby birthstone for July.

July birthstone jewellery, lets start by saying July’s traditional and modern birthstone is a ruby. Don’t worry if you are not keen on rubies, I can always find another birthstone you may prefer. For example onyz is an alternative birthstone, or choose the zodiac one, or the guardian angel birth gem for July is Sapphire. The USA birthstone is Turquoise ( might need to double check that one) but you get the idea. Therefore don’t feel it has to be a ruby.

charm necklaces in sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil personalised with an initial charm and ruby birthstone for July. choose from a tree of life, open heart or star

I’m a great believer that everything happens for a reason.

In this instance I thought I already had some beautiful rubies, but my supplier ran out at the same time as I did. So I looked else where and found some even more beautiful rubies. They are smaller than the original but they are an absolutely beautiful colour and lovely quality. It was obviously meant to be!

However this did mean that I have had to rephotograph all the rubies and am in the process of redoing the videos.

jewellery for girls in sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil personalised with an initial charm and ruby birthstone for July.

The phototgraphs are all done now, the videos are work in progress. Here is the July birthstone jewellery with the new rubies. I hope you like them.

good luck 4 leaf charm necklace in sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil personalised with an initial charm and ruby birthstone for July.

Obviously gemstones have different attributes, meanings and properties. The ruby is said to symbolise love, passion, wealth, and peace. In ancient times, people wore it as protection against evil and harm.

Rubies are part of the beautiful and highly sort after corundum family of gemstones. The other being sapphire. All gem colours being caused by small amounts of chemical impurities. For instance chromium gives the rich red of the ruby.

I do hope you like these new rubies, I think they are really beautiful.

I have started adding videos of my ruby jewellery to Youtube. There aren’t many on there at the moment but more will follow. I find the videos really help as you can see the jewellery in more detail and from all angles.

Summer jewellery trends 2023 to inspire

At Bish Bosh Becca we have been looking at the jewellery trends for Summer 2023. I rather think we have got a lot of the bases covered.

From timeless investment pieces to playful statement styles. These Summer Jewellery Trends are all about making shopping for jewellery fun again, and to ensure you shine bright in 2023.

The warmer weather calls for swapping out your heavy chain links  ( heavy hot metal against your skin, we don’t think so) for a delicate, barely there necklace. The term that seems to be popular is naked jewellery. Maybe swap your everyday chunky hoops for a more playful floral motif earring.

In fact, 2023’s summer jewellery trends are obviously expecting long warm sunny days where everyone has peeled off their layers and wants to wear more vibrant colours.

Indeed, pieces that highlight the collarbone or candy coloured bracelets are looking to be very popular now the sun has made an appearance.

Also delighted to note that pearls aren’t going anywhere (thank you Harry Styles). There’s never been more ways to wear pearls. The modern organic shapes are just beautiful, biwa and keshi shapes are very popular.

We’re also very pleased to note sterling silver is making its presence felt again. Whilst all previous metals have rocketed in price, sterling silver does remain the most affordable and long wearing. However mixed metals are also making a come back, so you don’t have to feel tied to one metal.

Many of our customers today have more than just a single set of piercings. We love seeing the way you layer on multi-hoops on each ear.

From dramatic pendants to sleek chokers, a necklace’s length can completely alter your look. Summer is the season to show a bit of skin, so maybe think about necklaces that highlight your collarbone

Personalised jewellery are one of our most popular trends. Maybe due to the pandemic there is more nostalgia and a need to give and receive a real keepsake piece of jewellery.

Of course these are only trends. You are no way obliged to follow them. Maybe they have given you some ideas and inspiration if you feel in need of a lift

Modern Pearl Jewellery. Are Pearls still in Style?

If you are still thinking of a simple round pearl necklace, let me reassure you pearls have come a long way since then. There are times when you are looking for a classic style but let me show you the type of modern pearls that are now available.

Now we have an explosion of amazing shapes. Keshi pearls are delicate and petal shaped, then you have the big bold meteor pearls. Even the stick shaped biwa pearls have branched out ( sorry couldn’t resist)) and you get the birds foot shaped biwa. The coin shaped pearls are lovely flat cultured freshwater pearls that can add size but not weight. A consideration when wearing statement pearl earrings.

But don’t discount the more traditional round, oval or baroque as you can still find some gorgeous modern designs. Bish Bosh Becca has added gold vermeil initials and words to the traditional baroque pearl choker to create wonderful modern pearl jewellery. At least I think so, and I think our customers do too.

Think of a colour and you can find a pearl in that shade. Moreover, they look great paired with various gemstones or swarovski crystals.

Pearl jewellery is becoming a part of our everyday life. Pearls are definately having a “fashion moment”.  They are becoming more and more popular.  Moreover, we witness an interesting phenomenon.  The younger generation are falling in love with pearls!  Pearl jewellery for the millennials!? It is a very pleasant surprise that younger women choose to wear pearls.

This is really no surprise if you look at how pearls are being used at the moment.

There are probably more reasons for pearls being so popular. To start with, a pearl is a beautiful gemstone. It is the only gemstone that grows in a living being, a mollusk. This makes pearls, organic gems, very attractive because they are natural. Because of this Pearls are unique among gemstones because they don’t arise from the depths of the earth but from the sea. They require no special cutting or polishing to enhance their beauty. It is the lustre or nacre on the pearls that make them shimmer so beautifully.

Therefore compared to other gemstones, they are quite affordable! This makes pearl jewellery attractive for not only younger customers but everyone.  Frequently, the younger generation is not looking for “classic, elegant and timeless” pieces of jewellery. As a result, they don’t buy or wear traditional and conservative pieces. They are looking for contemporary jewellery with new fresh designs. The modern shaped pearls provide this.

You do need to take care of your pearls. The acid in perspiration can gradually damage pearls, so run a dry or damp cloth over pearls after you’ve worn them next to your skin. Be careful not to let perfume or other chemicals come into contact with your pearls, and keep them away from extreme heat (ie don’t use a hair dryer when wearing pearl jewelry or leave your jewellery in the sun).  If you follow those guidelines your pearls will stay gorgeous for decades and achieve heirloom status.

Not your grandmother’s pearls, but they are certainly ones that she would have wanted. A nod to beautiful future heirlooms.

All these designs can be found on Bish Bosh Becca. Don’t forget we can also create a bespoke piece of jewellery for you.

I am starting up upload videos for all Bish Bosh Becca’s jewellery onto Youtube if you would like to see the jewellery in more detail.

Forget her Not this Valentine’s including some Self Love.

Fear not, the important thing is that you don’t forget!

This blog may mention Valentine’s but bear with me. 

We believe that its not just for your partner but all those special ladies and girls in your life. That includes you, as Miley Cyrus said – she can by herself flowers- or something very similar and that goes for jewellery as well.

So the 14th February, is not just about Valentines, but Galentines and Singles Awareness day (we totally endorse self gifting) or whatever you want to call it.

Maybe it should just be about showing some love.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most important. Such as a quick hug when its not expected, a cup of coffee in bed. Or that most precious thing for parents – a lie in at the weekend.

You do not have to spend a fortune. Red roses, although gorgeous are not as nice as a bunch of spring flowers, especially if they smell wonderful. Or maybe that’s just my opinion. I was never the traditionalist. Although the red roses I have used in the images are quite beautiful, however as you can see I am contrary

I would be delighted if you wanted to give that special lady or yourself a piece of Bish Bosh Becca’s jewellery. There is quite a wide range for you to choose from. From simple single pearl pendant with a heart in silver or gold, pearl drop earrings or a pendant and earrings set to big and bold murano heart necklaces. There are also quite a few earrings with hearts.

If hearts are a bit obvious for you, then there are always the modern symbols of love, such as the love knot. An intricate knot, so that the ropes seem like one, and without beginning or end. (There are wonderful modern pearl chokers with a love knot on Bish Bosh Becca should you be looking). Or a pendant sealed with a kiss. Yes that does appear to be more obvious but the crystal and pearl do have a hidden meaning.

Did you know also know that that Shells, were ancient symbols of love by cultures as diverse as the ancient Romans, Hindus,and Native Americans? Venus, Roman Goddess of love and fertility, is often depicted standing in a scallop shell, where she was created from sea foam.

We do have a lovely selection of seashell jewellery from pearl or gemstone bracelets with a gold seashell, matching pearl chokers with gold seashell or some stylish gold hoop earrings with a seashell

Or the humble apple is a well-known and ancient symbol of love in many legends and stories. Think of Adam and Eve, with Adam eating the forbidden apple, the fruit of knowledge, at Eve’s bidding. In this tradition, the apple represents temptation. Venus, Roman goddess of love and desire, is also often depicted holding an apple, so it can be said that the apple represents the slightly dangerous, seductive and sexual aspects of love. But that’s upto you and nothing to do with me.

Whatever piece of jewellery you choose to show her you love her. Your order will be made with love and beautifully gift wrapped. You can choose a gift card at checkout that reflects the sentiment, such as love or friendship. So it is all ready for you to give. Most of Bish Bosh Becca’s jewellery will fit through a letter box.

If you can’t be with your Valentine. We can deliver it for you with your special message handwritten on the gift card.

If you would like to see some more romantic jewellery gifts for your Valentine then you can find them here

But don’t panic as sometimes all that is needed is a hug

Sunflower Wedding Shoot, Ideas for a fun, unique wedding that isn’t at all boring!

So you’re engaged – congratulations!

But does panic then set in? You’re planning a wedding……

Scared, excited, not sure where to start, looking for inspiration for your perfect wedding theme?

Why not start with your favourite flowers? If they happen to be sunflowers, then I have some ideas to help you create your perfect wedding.

Well your wedding flowers are easy, but did you know that you can also find the perfect wedding stationery, cupcakes and bridal favours ( how about lollipops? to give your guests a sugar rush to get them up on the dance floor?)

A simple wedding theme that can help you create your perfect wedding. Whether you are planning an intimate simple affair or something more formal. Sunflowers can help you inject some fun and colour into your day.

The perfect dress will make you feel like a million dollars. This beautiful lace creation by Quinlan Couture Bridal looks fabulous from the front and the back. This is important for the 1st part of your wedding your quests will mostly see your back.

If you are having big, dramatic sunflowers, why not choose some fine delicate pearl wedding jewellery, which compliments your dress and doesn’t over power. This pearl lariat necklace also has matching drop wedding earrings.

Then choose some unique pearl wedding accessories to finish off your wedding hair. Bish Bosh Becca makes matching hair pins, comb and hair vines in 2 lengths. We used 3 pins and 2 short hair vines for this wedding shoot

You can find all the pearl wedding jewellery and hair accessories at Bish Bosh Becca

You will find all the wonderful suppliers from this shoot below. I would recommend every single one of them to be trusted to create your own perfect wedding day.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas for your wedding day.


Dress & Planning:

Hair: @amy_scissor_sisters_dronfield

Makeup/Model: @chloe.scissorsister_

Cupcakes: @botanicalcupcakes


Headpieces & Necklace:


Venue: @eastfieldfarmpyo

All your questions about September birthstones answered – hopefully!

All your questions about september birthstones answered. At least I will try to.

Let’s start with an easy one. The beautiful blue sapphire is the birthstone for September birthday girls, and boys for that matter. In fact anyone born in September.

It is also the birthstone for virgos. That means you can be born in August and have the sapphire as your birthstone if you wish.

The sapphire could be referred to as the true birthstone for September as it is the modern as well as the traditional birthstone. If you don’t like sapphires then choose moonstone (Ayurvedic) or agate (mystical). If you were born after 23rd September then see if you prefer an Opal for Libra.

However if you’re still not feeling the love for the deep rich true blue sapphire then you could plump for a pink, yellow or green sapphire. Still not sold on the idea? Then just choose a coloured gemstone that appeals to you. After all you don’t have to choose your birthstone! 

All birthstones have a special meanings. Sapphires are said to stand for serenity and truth. They are also said to guard against evil and poisoning. A weird combination but that’s before more enlightened times. Or maybe not depending on your point of view. 

Something I didn’t know was that in the New Testament, 12 foundation stones were given specific qualities related to Christ. Sapphire was The Soul. 

If you have any further questions about September birthstones then please do ask away. I will do my best to answer them.

If you are looking for a perfect jewellery gift for a woman or girl who has a birthday in September do visit Bish Bosh Becca. We can also help for christening jewellery gifts for a little girl born in September. We can help you create the perfect gift she will love.