So, the lovely month of June is upon us.  With the forecast set for sunny days for the foreseeable future, we have lots to look forward to this month.  Your June birthstone is the beautiful pearl;  shiny, smooth and lustrous.

keimau-single-keshi-pearl-on-silver-necklace keimau-single-pearl-on-silver-necklace

“By her who in June was born
No gem save Pearls shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.”

adriana-white-pearl-necklace-and-earrings-set-with-white-crystals adriana-white-pearl-necklace-and-earrings-set-with-white-crystals


So, if like Becca (for who Bish Bosh Becca was named) you were born in June, the Pearl is your birthstone.   As you may already know, pearls are created when a tiny fragment of foreign body such as rock, a sand grain, or a parasite, enters the shell of a mollusk. This irritates the oyster or clam, who responds by coating the foreign material with layer upon layer of shell material.  This is why pearls are mostly made up of aragonite, which is a carbonate material that also makes up the shells of mollusks.  Pearls formed on the inside of the shell are usually irregular in shape and have little commercial value. However, those formed actually in the body of the mollusk itself are either spherical or pear-shaped, and much for valuable for use in making jewellery.

Image 13-06-2017 at 09.38 Image 13-06-2017 at 09.36


Pearls are delicately translucent and have a beautiful luster and shine.  Colours depend on the species of mollusk that produced the pearl, and its environment.  As well as white, pearls are also found in delicate shades of black, cream, grey, blue, yellow, lavender, green, and mauve. Rich, black pearls can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and waters off some islands in the Pacific Ocean, whilst the Persian Gulf and Sri Lanka are well-known for exquisite cream-colored pearls called Orientals.



Image 13-06-2017 at 09.32


Here’s a lovely thought – according to mythology in South Asia, pearls were dewdrops from heaven that fell into the sea and were caught by shellfish under the first rays of the morning sun, during a full moon.  And interestingly but rather poignantly, in India, warriors encrusted their swords with pearls to symbolize the tears and sorrow that a sword can bring.


In Europe until the early 1600, pearls were  widely used as medicine. Arabs and Persians believed it was a cure for various kinds of diseases, including insanity. Pearls have also been used as medicine as early as 2000 BC in China, where they were believed to represent wealth, power and longevity.  Even to this day, lowest-grade pearls are ground for use as medicine in Asia.


Moonstone is also a birthstone for June – this beautiful shimmering gemstone has the following meaning ….
…”passionate love that will fly you to the moon”!
It is said if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other.  As well as this passion, it is also said to enhance intuition and promote inspiration.


So a very happy birthday to all those celebrating a birthday in June – the rose is your birth flower, by the way, so a big bunch of roses and some beautiful pearl jewellery is required for you!