Happy birthday if, like me, you’re a Taurean or Gemini and you’re celebrating your birthday this month.
A great month to celebrate I think – just as Spring really has taken hold and the hedgerows and woodland are bursting with fresh new growth – loads of wild flowers to pick for a vase to decorate a lunch table later in the month!

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Our ancient and traditional birthstone is the emerald – usually rich and deep green, the colour itself symbolises renewal of life and nature.  There’s so much promise in the month of May for the summer ahead.  Let’s hope this one is a lovely warm and happy one for us all!

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You may know already that, if the emerald is your birthstone, it is a stone that is associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship – you may not realise, however, that it’s metaphysical properties are memory, clairvoyance and faith.  It is also said to have some lovely healing properties, mainly related to the eyes, fertility, the spine and headaches.

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Luckily for me at the moment, an emerald has also been used to enhance mental capabilities – anything that helps on that front must be welcome!

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Some interesting facts – emeralds belong to the Beryl family and are in fact the most precious stone in the Beryl family.  Perfect emeralds are amongst the world’s rarest gemstones – more valuable even than diamonds. When heated strongly the emerald can in fact lose it’s colour.

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Chrysoprase is the modern-day gemstone for us Taurean and Gemini babes, this is a gemstone variety of chalcedony containing small amounts of nickel.  Usually apple-green in colour, it can also vary down to deep green.

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Don’t forget – it is said that giving someone a piece of jewellery containing their birthstone will bring them protection and good luck.  We can all do with a bit of that from time to time!  Do feel free to browse our website to find more birthstone gems – happy browsing and happy birthday! x

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