Lucky you if you are celebrating your birthday in January.  Garnet is the birthstone for you to treasure and as it signifies eternal friendship and trust, it is the perfect gift for someone whose friendship is very special to you.




The word Garnet is derived from the Latin word “granatum”, which means pomegranate – so you can immediately see the connection with that beautiful glistening red pomegranate seed.




In fact, as with many of the gemstones we feature in our Birthstone blogs, garnet exists in many more colours – black, orange, green or even clear.  The different shades exist due to the presence of different metals in the stones – for example manganese, iron, calcium and aluminium.  The most rare are green garnets, and being the most rare are also the most sought after.


Probably because of the red colouring of these beauties they were historically associated with war and battles –  ancient warriors believed that the blood red stone brought victory in war, whilst Asiatic warriors believed that using garnets as bullets inflicted the deepest wounds in their enemy.  On the other hand, the Crusaders apparently carried them as protection against wounds and accidents.


personalised-pearl-and-birthstone-cluster-bracelet-with-star-charm white-pearl-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-zodiac-charm


In Medieval times, garnets were said to protect the wearer against poisons, wounds and bad dreams, and were also said to help cure depression, relieve fear, haemorrhages and inflammatory disease.




On a lighter and more modern note, if you have a January birthday and are given a piece of jewellery containing garnet (or representative of), it symbolises a light heart, loyalty, enduring affection and friendship.  Giving a birthstone as a gift to someone is said to protect the wearer and bring peace, prosperity and good health.


red-murano-heart-necklace red-cocktail-ring


As you probably already know, if you have a January birthday (until the 19th anyway) your star sign is Capricorn – which is an earth sign.  Along with your fellow Taureans and Virgos, Earth signs are grounded and make sure you are anchored to the earth.  Mostly conservative and realistic, you can also be emotional, practical, loyal and stable and loyal to friends during hard times.


Happy shopping if you’re buying for a friend this January – and happy birthday if you have a birthday this month!