As you may have recently seen on facebook and Instagram, Sarah-Jane recently visited Thailand.  Whilst the pictures are mainly of Buddhas (as well as Sarah-Jane’s first selfie) the main purpose was to visit Hill Tribe Silver.

The Buddhas, palaces and temples were absolutely stunning, especially the reclining Buddha but Hill Tribe Silver is also inspiring and beautiful.


We use quite a bit of Hill Tribe Silver at Bish Bosh Becca and we have worked with them for a number of years.  So we thought it was about time we told you a little bit about it.

Hill Tribe Silver is made by the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand.  As the name suggests they live in the hills and are farmers as well as artisans.  The designs have been handed down through the generations and each piece is made by hand. The silver is actually fine silver (99%) so it has a higher silver content than sterling silver (92.5%).  We buy the silver through a co-operative to ensure the artisans get the price for their beautiful work.


Our relationship has been tested in the past but we know bad weather as well as the harvest will affect delivery times!  The co-operative has also had to contend with new technology, lack of investment and the world-wide issue of the next generation retaining interest and a desire to continue the work.  They have invested in the artisans and provided the equipment and tools needed to produce the silver. such as a drying shed for the rainy season.


Most of the charms we use are Hill Tribe Silver.  As you may expect, we have also worked with the Karen Hill Tribe to produce some one off designs just for Bish Bosh Becca.