Since we unveiled our new website, SJ has been working hard on photography for the website, attending courses to learn new techniques and working on refreshing all our images (that’ll keep her busy for a while!).  She’s learnt loads about finding the best light, setting up backgrounds – and where to situate your photography work space so that you are near the coffee maker!


We thought it would be interesting and useful for customers to be able to see more of a lifestyle image for each piece of jewellery, so our main image for each piece will reflect this, whilst we will also keep the clean “Tiffany”-style images so that you can compare the two.

personalised-silver-oval-locket-with-birthstones personalised-silver-heart-locket-with-birthstones

SJ is also working on producing images of our jewellery being worn too, so that you can get a good idea of what a piece will look like in the flesh!

June pearl-cuff-bracelet-black-peacock (2) April octavia-quartz-bracelet


Working on sections at a time, you may have already noticed more lifestyle images appearing on the website – SJ has already completed May, June and July birthstones, as well as a few bridal pieces.

keimau-bridal-crystal-and-pearl-necklace silver-cross-necklace-with-initial


I will be working on transferring some of these images over to our blog as I update our news and birthstone sections, so you will be fully up to date with all that is going on at BBB this summer!  As always, any comments you have on anything we post are really welcome.