Happy birthday to everyone who celebrates their birthday this month!  For some it’s a little bit harsh as people tend to give you a joint Christmas and birthday pressie – but for some lucky peeps, everyone is so determined that your birthday should not be swallowed up in the Christmas celebrations, you actually do rather well on the pressie front!


So, turquoise is your beautiful birthstone – symbolising good fortune and success and thought to bring prosperity to the wearer.  There are some great stories about turquoise – in the third century it was believed that it would protect the wearer from falling off their horse, whilst a change in the stone’s colour meant an unfaithful wife, apparently the turquoise shines when the air is pure and dulls when the air is not.

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The Persians believed the reflection of the moon on turquoise brought good luck and protected against evil.  Looking at the stone was said to have a healing and strengthening effect on the eye.  Actually I thought this was quite lovely – in the American southwest, turquoise seems to have been used for centuries, the blue in turquoise representing the heavens and the green representing the earth.

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The name turquoise seems to originate from “pierre turquoise”, which means Turkish stone. The stone was brought to Europe by Venetian merchants who first acquired it in Turkish bazaars.  When given as a gift, it is seen as a love charm.  Shakespeare used this in The Merchant of Venice – Leah gave Shylock a turquoise ring, hoping to win his affection.



So have a very happy birthday – and enjoy buying gifts for special people!