“Who first comes to this world below, 
In dreary November’s fog and snow, 
Should prize the topaz amber hue, 
Emblem of friends and lovers true.”

Well it may be a bit dreary today, if not to say absolutely black and pouring with rain, but comforting to remember that, if you have a November birthday, your birthstone is the emblem for true friendship.  You may also be interested to learn that the metaphysical properties of topaz relate to strength, releasing tension and balancing your emotions.  Topaz has also been used to enhance happy feelings and spiritual rejuvenation!

Topaz is sometimes colourless, or can be found in a variety of beautiful colours so the choice is almost limitless.  But as well as Topaz, Citrine is also a November birthstone.  Coming in a variety of autumnal shades, both Topaz and Citrine were discovered on a island called Topazios in the Mediterrean and in fact Topaz is commonly confused with Citrine.





Happy birthday Scorpios!