Have you seen the Autumn 2014 additions to our new designs page at bishboshbecca.co.uk?


This Autumn SJ has been busy creating some really beautiful new jewellery – some unusual things like these mixed metal necklaces, which are so in vogue at the moment – in fact the LA Times recently reported this trend, saying that all previous rules about not mixing metals have completely been wiped clean.  This seems to be due to various factors – one is the price of gold which does fluctuate but still remains high so has led jewellery designers to experiment with other metals.  Fashion-wise, people are becoming more daring and willing to experiment and this has spread to jewellery too.  It is now common, and I think quite lovely, to see different coloured metals on a single piece of jewellery.

mixed-metal-wind-chime-necklaces (3)


You may remember back in the early Summer, SJ designed some mixed metal earrings, so the latest necklaces would compliment these beautifully …….

silver-and-gold-heart-earrings long-silver-and-rose-gold-chip-earrings

I think now is the time to have a look at these wonderful new mixed metal designs – with darker winter colours approaching, I think the mixed colours in jewellery would go down a storm!




What are your feelings about mixing things up?  Happy to be more daring or are you more of a traditionalist?  Do let us know what you think!