Introducing our latest pendant-style necklaces – just in time for Easter.  These are so beautiful – handmade with glass and sterling silver and not chocolate, so you can have as many as you like!  We think they are a very stylish alternative to the traditional chocolate egg – of course they can be worn and appreciated long after the chocolate variety have gone.

To give you some info about how the eggs are formed, they are all handmade using layers of molten glass, which have been built up while working in an open flame, so each bead is individually handmade.  No two eggs will be identical which makes each necklace unique and individual.

There are 4 designs available.  The blossom design, available in two colourways, consists of layers of coloured glass petals unfurling within clear glass to form a blossom effect. The first colour option is simply black and white. The second is ivory with a soft blue. The blue is a type of glass that reacts in the flame to give pretty variations in the colour.  The Seaswirl design (my personal fave!) has pure silver foil melted into the surface of transparent green glass and it is then rolled in a blend of glass frit. This design is etched so the glass is matte rather than shiny. The purple is transparent amethyst glass rolled in a different frit blend, but it has no silver and it is not etched.  The glass is a mixture of Italian effetre, more commonly known as Murano glass, and in the case of the blue petal design, a reactive glass from USA.

Once a bead is complete it is taken from the flame to a preheated kiln. The beads are held at a constant temperature for some time in order to remove the stress that has been caused by manipulating the glass. They are then cooled gradually to room temperature. This kiln annealling ensures the beads are as strong as possible.

Which is your favourite?


glass-egg-necklace-amethyst-swirlglass-egg-necklace-seaswirl glass-egg-necklace-blue-and-ivory-blossom glass-egg-necklace-black-and-white-blossom glass-egg-necklace-amethyst-swirl (1)