Here is some interesting information about your silver jewellery.

Pure silver is a soft metal, far too soft to be made into silver jewellery that could withstand daily wear and tear. Therefore, most silver jewellery comprises Sterling Silver – an alloy of silver, strengthened by other metals.  The standard Sterling Silver (925) alloy is a reference to it’s composition – 925 parts per thousand silver, 75 parts per thousand other metals (usually copper) to give strength.

Silver, like all precious metals will tarnish with time.  Tarnish is a natural dulling caused by silver reacting with sulphur or hydrogen sulphide in the air leaving black or brown-coloured dull areas.  Here are a few suggestions for minimising and removing silver tarnish:

  1. Household cleaning products, air-refreshers, hairsprays, cosmetics, perfumes and chlorinated or salt water can all damage silver and accelerate tarnishing.  As with pearl jewellery, try to minimise the contact of your silver jewellery with these products.
  2. Storage of silver jewellery in humid rooms can also promote tarnishing.  Use of air-tight sealed bags containing anti-tarnish squares is recommended for the long term storage of silver jewellery.
  3. Silver tarnish can easily be removed with an appropriate silver polish cloth. These are NOT recommended for contact with pearls so we suggest you remove pendants from chains before cleaning them.  Also care should be taken if delicate gemstones are featured.   Please note; silver plated finish can be worn away by over-zealous polishing!

Bish Bosh Becca is now enclosing a small cleaning cloth impregnated with silver cleaner and anti tarnish agent with all orders.